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Radka Salcmannova is a successful triple threat creative artist, designer, and film maker who worked for icons such as Björk - through assistant of Hrafnhildur Arnardottir, Matthew Barney Studio , Marian Sell, Leo Kuelbs and Wonderful Production etc. She has been remarked for her daredevil approach on pushing the boundaries of contemporary visual design.

Born in 1986 in Prague, where she graduated from the Academy of Art Architecture and Design (2009). In 2012 she moved to New York for a stint at the School of Visual Arts and in 2016 she set up there her own studio, RS Visual Thing, focused on art, cinematography, 
fashion and experimental installations. In 2016 she received prestigious FCA grant which is given only once a year to the best artists, not more than five.

“Mixing different media allows me to transgress categories that traditionally define a work of art.” 

She is currently focusing on design and production of Haute Couture collections. She stirred quite a sensation and was met with critical acclaim at the LA Fashion Week, in the fall of 2017, where she launched her debut collection. On that occasion


Vogue UK nominated her at the category “Three Designers to Know from LA Fashion Week 2017” and received the “Designer of the Year” award from LAFW.

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Modern Painter Magazine/ 25 Artist to watch/December Issue 2013

“The Pilsen, Czech Republic-born artist Radka Salcmannova has been turning heads with her confounding and surreal works, such as her “Photography Paintings.” In these, she’s taking photos that look like paintings, bringing together her cultural memory with her outlook on art practice. To Salcmannova, everything is a performance, as each artwork is “a record of a moment,” as she says. Her works are dreamlike, sometimes appearing chemically burned or singed by the passage of memory. Her ambitions lie in expanding her practice for theater and performance, bridging all her past experiences in the visual arts into one sort-of uber artwork. It will be fascinating to see what she produces within the coming year.”

COMPLEX Magazine/10 emergency artist to watch in 2014



To Paint Using Statues and Photographs“Radka Salcmannová’s series of self-portraits,Over, was created as a thesis work in the Kurt Gebauer Studio at Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design (VŠUP). In it the artist has allowed herself to be photographed in limp, resigned positions and covered in a hard-to-identify, slimy liquid. The poses she takes on are truly of the passive feminine, and yet they cleverly offer up an erotic subtext. However, almost immediately the artist fully degrades this obvious eroticness with an excess of sleaze that she exposes in complete resignation. She transforms into an alien, a strange creature from a sci-fi story that evokes a certain amount of disgust.”


Tereza Volná

Fotograf Magazine/16 Issue/Photography and Painting

15 Modern Artist to watch

“Radka Salcmannova is known for her surreal artwork. In her “Photography Paintings,” she makes photos that look like surreal paintings. For Radka each photo is a performance and record of the moment. Her works are modern, creative and dreamlike. Sometimes they mimic the passage of time. Radka does this by making images look chemically burned as if faded by the passage of memory.”

Michael Owens/Artist for freedom

“Mixing different media allows me to transgress categories that traditionally defines a work of art.  The viewer is never quite certain of what she is seeing. There is always doubt. Photography looks like paint, the photograph’s object is sculptural. Paint resembles photography, and photography is a static-filled moment of video or motion. Every piece is a performance, a record of a moment as well.

I am especially interested is in transformational moments – short and limited – in which something is about to happen or just happened, though it’s often difficult to make sense of what exactly that is.  Sometime it feels  as if a subject’s spirit does not have a places to land, as if  the work  has captured it on it’s rebound.  Other times old unfinished stories mingle with new unfamiliar ones creating  parallel realities.  Whatever the narrative, I construct every detail  of the piece  giving it  internal coherence and integrity – it’s own truth.

The images of course are fiction, but not just their subjects. Because I am someone who constantly questions my own emotions,  my own reality, my intention is the challenge others to do the same.  Im my work  I hope to create an emotional experience that is unfamiliar to the viewer that cause her to consider what she feels. At the deepest level, what I create are works of emotional fiction.”


Psychology Tomorrow Magazine/Issue 01/ 2012

2018- SCOPE, Art see me, ART BASEL MIAMI, presentation of sculpture Golden Drop

2018-LAFWss18, Creative Direction , Designer, Los Angeles

2018-NYFWss19, Flying solo, Pier59 studios, New York

2017-Art Corner Gallery, The GOLD One , West Hollywood, CA

2017- LAFWss18 Designer, Los Angeles

2017-Light Year , Identity, Digital Fairy Tales, Regensburg Film Festival, Germany

2017- Light Year, Identity, Projection on Manhattan bridge, New York, Media Center IFP, New York

2016- September 8th, “Monument of Observation” , solo exhibition, Gallery Kostka, MeetFactory, Prague, CZ

2016- February 18th,Deep is never enough , art show and art direction with collaboration Carolina Sarria, NYFW16, New York

2016- June 25th, Light is Dark, Immersive Gallery, Monument of observation performance and video projection, New York

2016- March 24th,Czechoslovak Society of Arts and Sciences, Artist presentation, National City hall in Manhattan, New York

2016- March 4th,LIGHT YEAR 11: DECOMPOSITION AND TRANSCENDENCE, Manhattan Bridge, New York

2016- March 4th, Decomposition and Transcendence, The Touch Of Eclipse, Media Center by IFP, New York

2013- Flat Files collection in Pierogi Gallery, Brooklyn, New York

2012- SKETCHING, Dumbo, New York,

2012- BACKFORWARD, Fanaberie Brooklyn, New

2011- CHARTS IN USE, Runs Gallery in Prague, Czech Republic

2011- ARTSEMESTER, Gallery VSUP, Prague, Czech Republic

2011- BOMBAKLAD, Gallery at Castle Krivoklat, Czech Republic

2010- MADEL KNODEL, Vienna, Austria

2010- PHOTOGRAPHER 12, Photography and painting, Prague, Czech Republic

2009- PORTRET DOMINIK, Pilsen, Czech Republic

2009- CZ ARTSEMESTER, Gallery Avalon, Pilsen, Czech Republic

2010- JUICY LINKS, Trafacka Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic

2010- ARTSEMESTER, Gallery VSUP, Prague, Czech Republic