DRAWNGS 2014/2020, watercolor on paper, New York

Blue Coral is made from my silicone sculpture pieces that I created and showcased across the country as dresses for New York Fashion Week at Pier59 studio and Los Angeles fashion Week. Dresses were also used in numerous photo shooting and music videos. After all these events, I have melted the silicone

pieces- dresses together and the result of it is three sculptures named Blue Coral.

As a sculptor I started to use silicon because I was fascinated by this material and it strongly reminded me the nature of New York city, where I live. In this city, everything seems so organic like you are in the jungle but everything is man made - often a toxic prototype of our existence. Silicone and it's material properties was a perfect  choice. I could shape it the way I want it and also work with it almost like a drawing, it looks completely organic and reminds me of a wild nature fragment. Except it's not organic at all. It has became my favorite material that fulfills all my desires.
I love the process of working with it. At the beginning it's really almost like a 3D drawing, then comes the sculpting part, when you shape it and the final step is painting and coloring the final piece

Silicone, Metal Sculpture, 2020, New York

 MASKS, 2014-2020

I have been playing with the idea of making masks and face coverings for a very long time and these ones were exhibited at Scope , Nyc, 2020.


It started in 2014 with my first experimental film which was projected at Manhattan Bridge.

As a main and only one character in that film I wanted to hide my face so I created my first mask. It got a lot of attention and since then the masks has became an important part of my work. 

I found a lot of freedom in making and using these pieces in my performances or short films. Mask gives you a freedom to express yourself without to be self-doubting and afraid of any judgment. 

After using the masks as a main element in my interactive and performative work I have decided to give this masks final shape and let it be as an independent object-sculpture. 


It's typical for all my work to have some story and meaning behind it. Making these mask sculptures became my escape mechanism from the reality.

The material is always diverse and I am inspired by my surroundings where I am at that moment.


I call this piece standing a little over seven feet tall, “The Golden Drop.” Aside from boasting a certain whimsical cachet, the sculpture has something that makes art more than just an aesthetic physical item—it has a lively past. Because “The Golden Drop” has shape-shifted numerous times, the piece boasts a unique narrative—complete with twists and turns, and stories of journeying across the country. In December of 2018, the sculpture, in it's digital form, was selected for Art Basel Miami. 

The sculpture is made from silicone dresses which were showcased across the country at NYFW , Pier59 studio, Los Angeles fashion Week and also were used in numerous photoshooting and music videos.