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At the recent LA Fashion Week show from her brand R’s Visual Thing, Radka Salcmannova produced an event featuring dancers, a magician and what every Hollywood producer wants; a big concept. The show’s concept was inspired by Angela Rockwood. She’s a model and actress enabled by a wheelchair. People unfairly judge people on wheelchair, Salcmannova said. RS Visual wanted to produce a runway show, which would include women in wheelchairs - and show the world their beauty and real personality.


“Let’s erase the wheelchair,” Salcmannova said. For the show, several wheelchair-enabled women walked the LAFW runway – with the help of parachute harnesses attached to male dancers mostly covered in shrouds. No longer in wheelchairs, the women were attached to the male dancers, who provided the legwork necessary to go down the runway. Salcmannova said it looked like the women were walking.

Able-bodied female dancers also walked the stage. Choreographer and director  Nina McNeely put together a dance to dramatically portray Salcmannova's designs.

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The show took place at Petersen Museum , LOS ANGELES